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As we rocket through this course and the speed of technological development incrementally increases, I have become increasingly aware of the idea of “bringing your own device.”  I have read a comment or two in our eci831 chat room and most recently heard a Senior Administrator discuss the concept at a recent meeting. In my own classroom, students have asked me why they cannot access the wireless network at our school with their individual electronic devices. At a school I know of, the senior high book club started using electronic book readers but were unable to access the wireless server to download new books. The teacher supervisor was taking the readers home, downloading the books and then bringing them back to school. The situation was rectified, however, this specific issue does beg the question; can we open up our classrooms to all electronic devices or are we opening ourselves up to a host of issues we aren’t prepared to deal with appropriately?

During our time as educators, we are all probably familiar with people opening notebooks (the coiled kind) or turning on voice recording devices and perhaps using laptops in classroom settings and business meetings.  The idea of “bringing your own device” allows people to bring in their own device, possibly access a wireless network and then contribute. People can use their own technology, it is familiar to them and they feel comfortable using it. The students in this video understand this.

The concept of allowing people to bring their own wireless devices into a classroom setting and then, if need be, accessing a wireless network is a very revolutionary concept in my experience. Allowing these devices poses many questions regarding security, accessibility for those who cannot afford the technology as well as whether or not the technology is being used appropriately. If the technology needs IT support, who looks after that?

I’ve focused on this topic this weekend and have found some links of interest regarding this topic. I’d be interested in hearing how this trend is being viewed in your school or organization. What are the benefits and risks?

I have linked some of my reading below. Have a great week!

1) What if students cannot afford the technology? I’m not really sure if I like the title of this post, however, some practical ideas are offered.

2) How does a “BYOD” program work? Readers must subscribe to read the entire article.

3) A very informative article on some of the ins-and-outs of a “BYOD” program.

4) A really cool web tool that I would like to explore. looks like the ideal web tool to allow people to easily use their own devices to contribute in most settings.