Using Web 2.0 tools – “It’s more than the tools!”

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Last Tuesday, Nov. 15th, I had the opportunity to view Alan Levine’s presentation on Digital Storytelling.  As part of the #eci831 class, Alan not only spoke to us about some “shiny and cool web 2.0 tools” but also the craft of storytelling using these tools. I found the session to be very informative (to say the last!) and was eager to try out some of the tools. Throughout this session and in my on-going experimentation with these tools, I continue to remind myself that they are simply vehicles that drive the process of whatever we are doing.  In this case it was storytelling.

Earlier in the course I tried the 5 Card Flickr Story tool and found the process to be engaging and entertaining.  I shared this with some of my colleagues who are eager to try the process. No reports back yet.

This week as I work on my final summary or learning and the major digital project I thought I would give a try

Dean’s 1st Glog – Let me know what you think.

Although this glog is not meant to be my final project, I wanted to give it a try and was happily distracted by this afternoon.

I hope all is well with you and yours as we head into the final few weeks of the course.  All the best and have a great week!

  1. Nice work on the Glogster. It looks like you have found a lot of the media options. Glogster has been a popular tool in middle years and highschool for reflection and creation as it does allow for so many different types of media and is relatively easy to use.

    One question – did you sign up for the Edu Glogster account? For some reason, I don’t think you did. I would advice you to if you use this with students as it is a relatively safer space, you have more options, and I think there are even teachers options.

  2. mickpanko says:

    Nice Glog – very cool and good summary too – I could see a lot of uses for this as a review tool in the classroom. I may have to give this tool a try!

  3. sjphipps says:

    I enjoyed the glog. I tried the other day but it wouldn’t load for me. Alec, I will try the educational option too. I think this is a really interesting tool for middle years kids.

  4. tmemann says:

    I stumbled upon Glogster earlier in the course and it has stayed at the top of my favourite tools list ever since. I do recommend the Glogster Edu version. I ended up subscribing for the premium service for a month ($12) because I really wanted to explore the extra options.
    Your comment that “it’s more than the tools” reminded me of an excellent post by Sylvia Rosenthal Tolisano (I think she has a great blog that is worth following regularly)
    As an aside if Alec is reading this-Sylvia would be a fantastic guest speaker for EC&I 831!

    • Thanks Tannis and Alec. I have signed up for the Edu version of Glogster but haven’t given it a try yet. Also, thanks for the link Tannis. I found this article to ber very informative and it has actually helped me with my final project…thanks again for sharing.

  5. […] Using Web 2.0 tools – “It’s more than the tools!” […]

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