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Posted: November 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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As many of my #eci831 classmates have shared, Dean Shareski’s presentation to #eci831 was informative, uplifting and in my opinion, “required reading” for all educators.

To start this post, I would like to share a humorous bit from The Office demonstrating, perhaps, to much sharing using WUPHF and some of the complexities of being connected. I think, although ridiculous and meant for a laugh, Ryan’s idea of sharing speaks to the need of wanting to be connected and Kelly’s frustrations may speak to some of ours. 🙂

As an educator, I have had both negative and very positive experiences with sharing. Reflecting on my experiences, the positive benefits of sharing far outweigh some of the perceived negatives of sharing.  I have developed a “Top 10” list of the positive benefits of sharing that I have experienced as an educator:

As an educator, when I share and/or am shared with, I…

1) will positively collaborate with colleagues leading to academic improvement for students.

2) am able to collect more classroom resources.

3) experience new approaches and teaching strategies.

4) hear different perspectives on complex issues.

5) learn about new technology that can be used to engage students.

6) can recognize ways to re-focus my instruction.

7) learn from the negative and positive experiences of my colleagues.

8) support colleagues new (or maybe not so new) to the profession.

9) demonstrate that I am only human and share many of the same experiences as my students.

10)continue to journey as a life-long learner and will never settle for “good enough.”

I would like to thank all of my classmates for sharing.  I enjoy your blog posts and find your thoughts, observations and experiences to be extremely valuable.  Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

PS – I strongly suggest reading Dean Shareski’s latest blog post – Looking for Positive Deviants.

  1. mickpanko says:

    I appreciate the Top 10…I was also wondering if you have a link for WUPHF – it kind of feels that way at times doesn’t it. But, it is all good being connected and having a group of colleagues to share and interact professionally with. Like you, many of us have had negative experiences with sharing but I believe the positives far outweigh the periodic blips that occur when sharing.

    TEAM – together, everyone, achieves, more

    I’m sure you’ve seen that before.

    Dean’s blog is a good one – I enjoyed it too!

  2. Chelsi says:

    Great entry! I just have to comment because the use of The Office clip was so perfect for your post! Much appreciated!

  3. sjphipps says:

    I also really loved the clip. Think I will share it at the next staff meeting!

  4. […] we were fortunate to have present to us.  Some of my blog entries reflected on presenters such as Dean Shareski, Stephen Downes, and Alan […]

  5. When booking a new client, sometimes I ll respond to their inquiry with a link to a specific blog post which I think is very similar to what their looking for in their shoot.

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